It isn’t often that we have the chance to offer such a historical and documented set of knives like this one. A Loveless Gut Hook, 1970, that was used for many years by the owner and another Loveless, a Dropped Hunter, 1975, with matching Improved-style Wood Micarta handles, both proving that this material is a great handle for a using knife, the category “Using Knife", being Bob’s first requirement.  The GutHook even has two sheaths, with Bob making the extra one, when he refurbished the knife for the owner. The Frank, made in 1973, was made for this owner and held by him since then, hardly, if ever used.  The photos and the documents say it all, a great trio of knives with impressive provenance and details in the letters that give true insight into the charter and personality of perhaps the most famous custom knifemaker ever and also another, one of the great pioneers in the custom folding knife business.  Each knife is documented and discussed at length and the owner even wrote a history from his own experiences regarding the procurement, use and care of these testaments to R. W. Loveless and Henry Frank.

Loveless Gut Hook............SOLD
Loveless Dropped Hunter...SOLD
H. H. Frank Folder..........….SOLD

"I bought the gut hook first because it looked so cool and at the same time made a lot of sense in the design. I have hunted with it almost every year since I purchased it and it has served me well. It was the first "real" knife I had ever owned and that  first year I cut myself with it. Tto this day when it gets cold I am reminded of who's the boss in this relationship lol. Up until that time my "sharp" and Bob's "sharp" were two very different things. I learned my lesson; since then not a nick.

Even though I was just a 20 year old kid, Bob treated me with nothing but kindness and respect, and because I had little money allowed me to do a layaway. I have never forgotten that. The man had a lot of class.

One last thing. I believe that knife is charmed. At least I like to think so. I have had several break-ins over the years and three times the knife was handled and left behind! Once the bad guys even emptied my possibles bag containing the knife so they could fill it with C.D.'s. Go figure.

As far as the Dropped Hunter, well I think it's just a thing of beauty and I just had to have it. I'm sure there are those of you out there who will understand that and for those who don't you have my sympathy.

Lastly, the Henry Frank folder. Henry was recommended to me by Bob who sent me photos of his work. I was looking for a daily carry knife but when it arrived I realized it was far too nice to subject it to the daily chores of a construction worker so I have set it aside and every so often I get it out and once again appreciate the talent that goes into the making.

Form AND function, beautiful!"
-Wayne McConnell


Small Dirk, made in the early to mid-1970’s $1900


"Devlet Dirk," Named after a great Collector/Purveyor friend of mine, Te Devlet, who designed this model, also did a lot of good for the custom knife business the 60’s & 70’s. Rosewood, N.S. fittings with finger cut-out $1900


Pre-1980 Gen. Purpose, N.S. fittings, Stag. Made before I Put “Manti, Utah” on my Trademark. $1800 


Small Loveless Semi-skinner with black Micarta, beautiful condition $5000



This Wilderness Model, with outstanding, beautifully-matched Sambar Stag handles has been featured on my website in the “Double Edge” Knives section for 6 years. (And it will stay there, on display: The overall length is 10 3/4” with a rare 5 3/4” blade, made of 1/4” thick CPM 154-CM and a T-416 stainless guard. The knife and sheath are in perfect condition. $6500


4 1/8” Johnson Dirk, SS fittings, ATS-34 blade steel, with gold inlaid engraving by Julie Warenski-Erickson. $4500


Classic Hunter, SS fittings, ATS-34 blade steel, gold inlaid engraved by Julie Warenski-Erickson. $5750


This has been a very well received instructional video that shows how I make a Loveless-style Sub-hilt Fighter.  It covers everything from scribing the pattern out on a piece of 154-CM/ATS-34 to sharpening the blade upon completion.  The video lasts 3 hours and 48 minutes and I'm pleased to be able to offer it to those who might be interested in how I go about making this type of knife - be it knifemaker, collector, purveyor or whomever would like to see how things are done in the Johnson shop.  

You can order the video from the following locations:

Jantz Supply

Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies

Sheffield Knifemaker's Supply

Texas Knifemaker's Supply

USA Knifemaker Supply


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