Mike Smith and I have worked together on folders for a long time, but things are just too hectic to continue taking orders. As a result, there will be no more S.R. Johnson - M.J. Smith folders made to order. We will post them on our web sites, or bring them to shows, when we can work them in.

Thank you. We both enjoyed making folders as a team.

Steve and Mike


I "started" making folders back in 1994 at Don Zaccagnino's shop in Phokee FL. I spent 3 days in his home enjoying Don and his sweet wife, Louise's, kind hospitality. He and his sons, Donald, Jr. and Mike,helped me start a folder, based on my Bill's Drop pattern. Sadly, when Don passed away later that year,I lost one of my dearest friends. I subsequently just left the partially completed knife resting on my work bench for years. A couple of years ago one of my very first customers inquired about my plans to make folders and I mentioned this one. He asked if I'd finish it for him and after a year or so I gave in, knowing that he'd be one who would value it and it's history. I am happy to have an opportunity to honor Zack, if only by mentioning his name and his friendship, after these many years.

One of today's very best folder makers, Michael Smith, after Bob Doggett's kind intervention, agreed to let me visit his shop in Florida this last year after the 2001 Guild show and finish the knife, while learning more about making folding knives. We did so and I delivered it at the Milan show, Thanksgiving weekend, 2001. Number two, a folding Jody model with MOP, and number three, a folding Dirk with Mammoth ivory. I am very excited to be working with folding knives and hope that I can do justice to the great training that I have received.

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